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New York Express

Update: 09/06/2014

Package ID: com.m2f.NewYorkExp
Real trains, real stations and real journey from New York to San Francisco! Heres your chance to conduct the train and take its passengers to different stations. Get onto the controls and conduct the train to different tracks. Stay alert and keep a watch for the signals as the tracks need to be changed to a signal which is green. The going gets tough when the climatic conditions get rough. There are different engines to be unlocked which will make your journey faster and better. Collect the coins on your path to gain points which will help you unlock all the different engines and power ups in store. Watch out for the signal poles while collecting the coins as collisions with them can also cost you a life. Also beware of the yellow signal which will appear to confuse you. A lot of surprises in store, the more you play the more you explore.
Three different engines which can be unlocked with the required amount of coins for each.
Every engine comes with an additional advantage to the player. As you upgrade the engine you get extra lives to improve your chances of increasing your score.
Unlocking different engines would simultaneously unlock different power ups which can be purchased using the coins.
Signal free mode will help you stay on the same track and cover your journey faster avoid all the other trains.
Hands free will help you avoid collisions with the signal pole while collecting coins.
Gifts when collected will have hidden advantages like signal free, hands free or coins that will add points for you to make purchases.
The third engine will enable you to jump from one track to another without waiting for the adjoining track.
Third engine also enables the driver to come out and collect oils gallons and other such collectables.
Challenging tasks given, when completed would increase your score.
Each level has 3 tasks which will help to unlock the next engine.
Magnet when collected will help attract more coins
Blue coins will be equivalent to ten times the value of each coin, collecting it will help increase your score.
Coin sacks will help you collect more coins at once.
Keywords : train game, train strategy game, drive the train safely, train surfer

Operating System: Android Donut (1.6)+

Downloadable Files

NewYorkExpress v1 0 0 1
Type : apk
Size : 15.12 MB

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